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Striped Allure Set

Striped Allure Set

✪ Lateral edges separates your hair

✪ Get well defined curls with no frizz

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Get Frizz Free, Defined Curls!

Our lateral edges helps you separate curl clumps as you style & gives you a smooth styling experience, without any frizz or tangling!

Perfect For All Hair Types

Regardless of your curls, texture or thickness, our expertly designed 3-in-1 hairbrush will give you the best curls you've ever had!

Style & Section With Ease

Not only does it help you create well-defined curls quickly, but has a pointer handle for sectioning and parting hair.

This eliminates the need for additional combs or hair clips, making your hair routine cleaner and more efficient!

Happy Guarantee

We love our Curl Defining Brush! And we are sure you will to!

That's why we offer you a 50-day happy guarantee!

If you got any questions, our support team is online 24/7!

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Maria A.
Not dissapointed!

Wore this set to a beach party and got so many compliments. Get ready ladies

Jenny R.
The guys seemed to like it

Great value for the price. It's become my go-to.

Susanna E.

Well thats the best set I've gotten this year (by far)

Marcus P.
Gift of the year

Perfect gift! My girl's reaction was so wholesome

Jennifer B.

It's like it is made for those late night by the beach, I'm in love!